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Idélaboratoriet is a consulting company specializing in creativity and innovation. Idélaboratoriet was founded in 2000.

Idélaboratoriet works in the field of creativity and innovation. We create value for our clients for example through innovation strategy planning, facilitation of creative processes, training programs in professional idea creation and implementation of digital idea management solutions.

Idélaboratoriet is Swedish for The Idea Lab.

Idélaboratoriet was founded in Sweden and has its headquarters in Malmö in southern Sweden, but works with clients worldwide.

Idélaboratoriet likes to say that creativity is a process of getting original ideas that have some sort of value and innovation is the profitable implementation of creativity.

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#09 The Killer Innovation – accident, brilliance or luck?

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Whenever the subject of innovation is on the agenda, a discussion on the topic of chance, ability and serendipity always follows. Is the innovator a genius, a transmitter of external circumstances or just a lucky guy? Or is he a guy that have trained his creative skills and if so, how can you increase your “innovability”?

To start somewhere let us discuss one of the major innovations of human culture – the harnessing of fire. Fire of course existed as lightning, wildfires, volcanos et cetera. But the follow through, the recognition of value and the taking of a flame and use of it to stay warm, and to cook was a human innovation for sure. Ergo, first there are events that create opportunities for innovations. Second, to make use of such a opportunity makes an innovator – the experiencer of the event that puts the pieces together and understands how that sitution can radically change the way things work.

At E&Y Center for Business Innovation they have found that there are three things that if they are combined cause real innovation.
1. Accidents
2. Sagacity or the ability to recognize new value
3. Action
So then, for organizations to encourage innovations through “sparks of lightning” they need to either: A, increase the number of “accidents” or iniate creative / chaotic moments ( what may seem like accidents but are really the results of deliberate, disciplined activity) or B, increase the employees ability to recognize the “windows of opportunity”. How many businessleaders of today deliberately cause accidents to happen?

If you change your perspective from the organization to the individual; how can you understand, and in the long run hopefully train, the innovability of the employee? The creativity consultant Ophra Bayer talks about three critical components for reaching the innovator mindset:
IQ – intellectual ablility, analytcial skills and superior thought
EQ – emotional and empathetic ability to understand the needs
OQ – the obsessiveness, the drive, the stubborness to go for it
Everyone has the a capacity in each area and an ability to improve their current state. Maybe it should also be something called the CQ – that shows the creative or idea producing potential of an individual.

So, to give the killer innovation a soil to flourish from, organizations need operating rules that not only accept, but cause accidents and train their employees to engage themselves in recognizing gamechanging events. Pretty much the opposite of the current business conventions of today… The first one who dares to take the next step will win!


To take the first stumbeling steps to create a branch organization for creativity and innovaton consulting in Scandinavia, Idélaboratoriet will be attending an “innovation-get-together” in Gothenburg in late february with the most qualified firms working in this field for the moment. Hopefully we will be able to heighten the quality of our services and exchange knowledge to improve our offer.

Idélaboratoriet now has moved to our new wonderful office at the incubator MINC ( in Malmö. Please take a look at our website for the new address and our new telephone numbers that will be up and running in a few days. Remember to stop by if you get a chance and we will give you a notice when it is time for the promised Idélaboratoriet’ birthday party.

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