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Idélaboratoriet is a consulting company specializing in creativity and innovation. Idélaboratoriet was founded in 2000.

Idélaboratoriet works in the field of creativity and innovation. We create value for our clients for example through innovation strategy planning, facilitation of creative processes, training programs in professional idea creation and implementation of digital idea management solutions.

Idélaboratoriet is Swedish for The Idea Lab.

Idélaboratoriet was founded in Sweden and has its headquarters in Malmö in southern Sweden, but works with clients worldwide.

Idélaboratoriet likes to say that creativity is a process of getting original ideas that have some sort of value and innovation is the profitable implementation of creativity.

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#16 Idea Darwinism – can biology teach us how to innovate?

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The Serious Innovation Newsletter #16

Is it the funny looking bugs in the window rather than your boss that can tell you something real about innovation? Is biology a better way to understand the logics of product development than economics?In Fast Company Richard Watson, the man behind the eccentric publication Brain Fruit, is looking into a world where progress is created by adaptions and mutations that becomes the norm through the process of natural selection.

Since Margaret Wheatley published “Leadership and the new science”, the biological perspepective on organizational management has been more and more acknowledged. Now it seems like this perspective is starting to influence the way we look at innovation processes as well. Mutations happen and success is created, like when the entertainment company Virgin becomes an airline business. A totally new economic biosphere is created in less than a decade.  The finnish telecom giant when from making rubber shoes to mobile phones after showing a remarkable talent in rethinking itself, cross-fertilization and a willingness to look for new ideas in the outskirts of the market. Both companies grew not by unfolding some great master planor vision, but through an “accumulation of learning and ideas cuased by threats, accidents and luck”.

Watson means that these things happen when mostly when companies dare to experiment – and experiment in public. Not many industries dares to do that – the car and fashion industries do! The motor shows shows off fantastic creations of fantasy (or is it the future?) and the fashion industry put on their shows both to promote the brand but also to get a feel for the market. The Spanish firm Zara tries to work in real just-in-time mode to adapt to the market or if you wish local biosphere. Store managers sends customer feedback and photos of “cool” or “edgy” dressed customer directly to the design department using PDAs. The new designs are often found in the subcultures of early adaptors or identity experimenters, i.e. the intersections and mutations of different spheres.  The result is new clothing in the stores three weeks after breakthrough inputs – instead of the industry average of nine month. As Charles Darwin said:”It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. Focusing on those word of evolution, what could be the Darwanian approach to innovation – the true idea Darwinism? Here are Watsons five suggestion:

1. Look at the big evolutionary picture – what are the driving forces in the your biosphere (local market) and in the big picture (the global market as whole)?

2. Create mutations – unusual combinations of people, partners and ideas.

3. Look for new ideas and conditions that could disrupt your market and be ready to act upon your findings.

4. Treat accidents as opportunities for divergence and adaption.

5. Cooperate with other companies to create mutually beneficial eco-systems.

Or in two words, something that Body Shops Anita Roddick could have told you from the very beginning: GO NATURAL!

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